Fan Creations: A Look at Alternate NSC Crests.

Every time a soccer team releases a new crest, we see fans and other designers take the opportunity to create their own alternate crests that either take inspiration from the new design or go a completely different direction. The leak of the potential new NSC crest has been no exception. First, let's take a look at the leak itself.

In case you missed it last Thursday, Has Been Sports discovered a hat listing for Nashville SC on the Lids website. The hat featured a familiar name with an unfamiliar logo. This leak along with the March to MLS to event scheduled for February 20th leads most people to believe this is, in fact, the new MLS logo for Nashville SC. Conrad Bury, content creator for and uniform developer, took some time to create a mockup based on the leak.

Personally, I was not a fan of the current USL crest as it has too many design elements that leave the entire crest cluttered. With that being said, I was left underwhelmed by the leak. It is definitely unique in it's shape but feels a bit to bland. The reaction by the fan base has been all over from love to disdain but I feel the majority of fans feel just ok about it.

Like with many re-brands, I find myself being more drawn to some of the alternate designs rather than the new crest itself. Below we are going to take a look at those alternate crests.

Mike Pendleton, noted Rowdies fan and design nerd, created quite an alternate crest that derived many design elements from the current USL crest giving a cleaner more modern look. On the USL crest, the 'N' shape really bothers me but in a cleaned up design it works quite well. I like that the logo is an update of the current brand rather than a create redesign.

This design comes from Cincinnati based designer Sean McCarthy and includes a Primary Crest along with a secondary and tertiary mark as well. I like how they build upon each other and that they build upon the already existing branding. It is a little to minimalist for my tastes but like that the primary is Navy with Gold trim.

These three designs were created by local designer, Counter Culture, and mark a bit of a change in aesthetic. Each one call on different Nashville design limits, from Hatch Show Print, the City Flag, and the current USL crest. Hatch Print Show has an iconic look and love the call back in the first crest. The skull crest may not be for everyone but I absolutely love it and the big "N" crest is a cool blend of USL design elements and retro themes. If you like these designs, you can even pick them up on a shirt HERE.

This design was created by Mark Lavis of Mark Lavis Design brings us the only design with a guitar pick. It combines the sound waves from the leaked logo along with a guitar pick. Personally, I am not a huge fan of guitar pick designs but it links well with design throughout the city.

While not a serious logo, I could not pass up the opportunity to share this creation from reddit user FastEddieMcclintock. Crest design has been a hot topic on the Nashville SC subreddit and Eddie decided to put all the different ideas together.

Looking through both the leaked crest and the fan designs, which one is your favorite? What would you like to see in the new crest? Comment on the post or hit us up on Twitter with your thoughts. Don't forget to attend Nashville's March to MLS event tomorrow, February 20..

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