Get Out There And Play The Beautiful Game

Last year, Nashville SC's main marketing campaign was the #summerofsoccer. The campaign was the club's first attempt at a local and regional outreach since joining the USL, encouraging fans to attend games during hot summer nights. For the most part, it worked, as First Tennessee Park regularly brought in 8-9k for matches.

As we approach the peak days of Summer, I believe that we as fans of the game create a new #summerofsoccer trend. Now, this one is a little different than the one the club created, as it was focused in bringing in attendance for games. For 2019's summer of soccer, I'm encouraging anyone who loves the game to get out there and play.

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Recently, I've gotten back into the groove of playing regular adult league and pickup games around the Nashville area after taking a bit of a hiatus due to the schedule of my previous work field. While I enjoyed what I was doing in my career, a part of me felt empty because of the thrill of competition I used to get growing up playing at the youth, travel, and high school level. Now that I have the freedom to be playing regularly, that void has been filled, and I hope you will join me and my new friends in playing with us.

Yes, I understand that maybe you're not Messi or Ronaldo with the ball. Maybe you don't want people judging you because you made a bad pass or had a touch that got away from you. None of that should matter. Plus, in the end, we're not out there because we're getting paid. We're playing because we love to play. It's amazing how so many folks from all around the city of different backgrounds come together united under one cause.

So get out there and enjoy a new #summerofsoccer. The BNA pickup soccer Facebook Page is always posting about pickup games and locations. You can also find games on the Meetup Nashville Soccer page, or join an adult team with Midstate Sports League or Nashville Sports League. Who knows, you might even nutmeg me.


This is an opinion piece. The views expressed here are the author's and do not necessarily reflect the views of Speedway Soccer as a whole.

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