In The Aftermath...

By John Sloop, columnist.

When this is over, I’m going to...

  • Cherish every second I can spend watching Nashville SC play live

  • Jump with the Backline at least once

  • Buy A.J. Boyd an Angry Orchard at the next game

  • Attend a watch party for every single game

  • Go to England to watch Chelsea play

  • High five anyone wearing NSC gear anywhere I find them

  • Force Corey Almon to do that keg stand we’ve all been promised

  • Never say the word “Corona” again

  • Tip wait staff even better

  • Spend an entire evening getting to know the bartenders at Smokin’ Thighs again

  • Tell one doozy of a story at TenX9

Image by Reuters
  • Go see a gazillion movies at the Belcourt

  • Go to the Fairground daily to watch construction of the stadium

  • Have lunch at Monell’s

  • Tailgate for an extra hour at every NSC game

  • Finally get to wear my new jersey to a game

  • Find some creative way to thank health care workers

  • Get my hair cut

  • Go swimming

  • Hike around in Percy Warner Park for hours

  • Going to know what day it is

  • Not miss the constant low hum of anxiety in the air

  • Still not play FIFA

  • Still have near constant communication with the Speedway Soccer crew

  • Still hate peas

  • Still think Colby Sledge is doing a hell of job

  • Continue to love listening to new Waxahatchee album, but no longer sitting at the same kitchen bar. I’ll take her with me

  • Be relieved not to have to constantly concerned about the health of my brother, who works in a pharmacy

  • Reflect on my pre-bidet life. How about you?

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