Player Ratings: Nashville SC vs. Louisville City FC

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

A dramatic last 10 minutes at First Tennessee Park saw Nashville SC pick up a crucial three points against I-65 rivals Louisville City in their final regular season match up. Below are our collective evaluations of each individual performance.


  • A rating of 6 denotes and average performance. Each player starts out with a 6 and their performance either adds or subtracts from that rating.

  • Scores are determined after rewatching the match and looking at the stats, and are the averaged total of each Speedway member's ratings.

  • Players must have been on the pitch for at least 10 minutes to receive a score. Players who come on later than the 80th minute are ineligible for a rating.

Matt Pickens - 8.3 : Pickens was busier than he has been the past couple of matches, but had a few clutch saves down the stretch, including an acrobatic effort in extra time that preserved the lead.

Darnell King - 7: Put in another solid 90 minutes defending the right flank, while charging up the field when needed.

Jimmy Ockford - 8.8: Had an unfortunate mistake on a attempted clearance that led to the game-tying goal, but delivered one of the most unbelievable and clutch headers you’ll ever see in extra time to win the match.

Forrest Lasso - 9.1: Provided key clearance after key clearance to help keep Nashville in the game, including on a header on Louisville’s most threatening chance in the 1st half, as well as a huge block before the end of the first half. Also provided the long free kick that found Jimmy Ockford on the game-winning goal.

Justin Davis - 8: Was responsible for a great assist to Taylor Washington on the low cross that found his feet on an initial low cross. Also continues to deliver masterful set pieces in addition to his defensive duties.

Taylor Washington - 7.5: Scored the opening goal after collecting a low cross that was played back to him, lofting it over the keeper.

Bolu Akinyode - 7.3: Did what he needed to do in the center of the park, but barely saw much of the ball at his feet with only 30 touches, a fairly-low number for him.

Matt LaGrassa - 7.1: Led the side in tackles with five and had the highest passing percentage of any starter with 75%.

Lebo Moloto - 6.8: Was kept relatively in check throughout most of the game by Lou City, as it was clear they didn't want him making easy distributions to teammates.

Ropapa Mensah - 8: Once again was Nashville's most dangerous attacking option, beating defenders regularly on the right side and creating chances for runners in the box with his low crosses.

Daniel Rios - 6.6: Should’ve had a goal early in the match on a low cross that eventually led to Washington’s goal. Other than that, didn’t get many chances to create on goal due to the Louisville defense keying in on him.


Bradley Bourgeois - 6.8: Came on for defensive purposes to help preserve the early lead.

Derrick Jones - 6.6: Same as Bourgeois, but was also asked to be a bit of an enforcer in the midfield due to his size.

Kharlton Belmar - N/A: Called into action after Nashville conceded the game-tying goal, but did not make much of an impact.


Gary Smith - 8: Smith's ability to keep his team under control during what could've been a very dicey game based on the officiating speaks volumes about him. He knew that after the early goal, seeing how this game was being officiated, and how Louisville was defending Rios and Moloto, the right move was to preserve the 1-0 lead and get out of dodge with all three points. It worked out despite giving up an equalizer.

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