Player Ratings: Nashville SC v Saint Louis FC

Nashville SC dropped their first points of 2019, losing to Saint Louis FC 2-1. In addition to our other coverage, we recap individual performances each week.


- A rating of 6 denotes and average performance. Each player starts out with a 6 and their performance either adds or subtracts from that rating.

- Scores are determined by looking at the stats and are the averaged total of each Speedway member's ratings.

- Players must have been on the pitch for at least 10 minutes to receive a score. Players who come on later than the 80th minute are ineligible for a rating.

Matt Pickens - 7.5: Didn't have an incredibly busy night, but made a couple strong saves, including stopping a Caleb Calvert header from point blank range. Nothing he could have done to prevent the goal.

Kosuke Kimura - 7.0: Pushed really high up the pitch and delivered decent service into the box. Tracked back well defensively and has an impressive motor for a 34 year old.

Ken Tribbett - 6.5: Passed the ball well despite Saint Louis's high press. Had a decent chance to test the keeper from close range, but couldn't put his header on target.

Liam Doyle - 6.5: Typically played more long balls over the top than Tribbett, but didn't have a ton of targets to aim for. No real issues defensively, but couldn't impact the game like he's expected to.

Taylor Washington - 6.0: Brought a lot of energy as usual, but he crossing was a bit off all night. Lost Calvert on a corner kick, allowing him a free header to score the winner.

Matt LaGrassa - 7.5: Covered a ton of ground and offered some fantastic passes to break Saint Louis's lines. Saw a strong header saved just before Saint Louis scored. He's having a great start to the season.

Bolu Akinyode - 6.0: Not his night. Didn't have many consistent passing options and didn't offer much going forward. Came off for Michael Reed after 64 minutes.

Cameron Lancaster - 5.5: Again, started on the right. Again, had trouble getting involved. Looked better after he moved centrally in the second half, but missed his one real chance, failing to put it on target. Could benefit from being playing in his natural position.

Lebo Moloto - 5.0: Just doesn't look like himself. Played underneath the striker, but unable able to impact the game. Surprised to see him play the full 90 minutes.

Kharlton Belmar - 7.5: Again our Man of the Match. Worked hard on the right and looked like the only Nashville player willing to take a risk. Substituted after 82 minutes.

Daniel Ríos - 6.0: By himself up top in the first half before Lancaster joined him. He got no service and had to drift out of position to find the ball.


Michael Reed - 6.0: Played 30 minutes after relieving Bolu Akinyode, and offered more going forward. Too often, though, he opted to dump the ball wide instead of taking a shot. Needs to pull the trigger more often.

Ropapa Mensah - N/A: Replaced Kharlton Belmar in the 82nd minute and didn't get much opportunity to impact the match.

Tucker Hume - N/A: Replaced LaGrassa after 88 minutes. Really strange that it took him so long to get on the pitch, given how much Nashville was crossing the ball.


Gary Smith - 6.0: Saint Louis is a very, very good team, but he made a couple strange choices. Like playing Lancaster out of position on the right. Or waiting until the 88th minute to put on Tucker Hume. He also doesn't seem to have a backup plan to Lebo Moloto, and seems to be over reliant on Moloto when he's clearly not at his best.

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