Player Ratings: Pittsburgh Riverhounds vs Nashville SC

Nashville SC conceded twice in the final five minutes to draw 2-2 in Pittsburgh. Below are our collective evaluations of each player's individual performance:


  • A rating of 6 denotes and average performance. Each player starts out with a 6 and their performance either adds or subtracts from that rating.

  • Scores are determined after rewatching the match and looking at the stats, and are the averaged total of each Speedway member's ratings.

  • Players must have been on the pitch for at least 10 minutes to receive a score. Players who come on later than the 80th minute are ineligible for a rating.

Connor Sparrow - 6.5: Not a whole lot he could do on either goal. He maybe could have reacted a little quicker to Pittsburgh's opener, but was left helpless on the second as the ball deflected off of Kimura into the net.

Kosuke Kimura - 6.5: Back into the lineup this week, and was solid if not spectacular. Positionally sound defensively, but his final ball was off.

Bradley Bourgeois - 8.0: Kept his place in the XI with the shift to a three man back line, and delivered. Put in a tremendous amount of effort (as he always does), especially in the buildup to Nashville's opener. He was unfortunate not to be credited with the assist to Tribbett, and pitched in with a goal of his own. He scored in his second start this season. He didn't score until his 19th appearance in late August last season. He's taken his chance and run with it, and should start again next week.

Ken Tribbet - 8.5: Took his goal really well on the volley, and headed a beautiful pass over the top to set up Bourgeois for Nashville's second. A half-step slow to react to Volesky's run on Pittsburgh's opener, but otherwise a near perfect performance.

Liam Doyle - 7.0: A solid showing from the center back, and kept Pittsburgh in check for most of the night. Had a few beautiful balls over the top.

Taylor Washington - 7.5: Put in a lot of work on the left wing, although his final ball wasn't always accurate.

Bolu Akinyode - 7.5: Sat in front of the back line as a no. 6 and kept the ball moving. Lead the team with 86% pass completion, and allowed the rest of the team to get forward.

Matt LaGrassa - 7.5: Pushed higher than any other midfielder and was willing to take risks with his passes going forward.

Michael Reed © - 6.5: A lot of sloppy touches and misplaced passes. It wasn't a bad performance, but wasn't a great one either. Nashville needs more from central midfield, and so far, Reed hasn't brought it.

Daniel Ríos - 7.5: Took a beating from Pittsburgh's back three and held the ball up relatively well. Didn't get many chances, and wasn't able to put any of them on target. He's quieted down a bit in recent weeks.

Kharlton Belmar - 7.5: Moved to a central role in the 3-5-2, and found space to roam underneath Ríos. Saw a good effort tipped over the bar at the end of the first half.


Justin Davis - 6.0: Replaced Washington after 74 minutes. Gave Kerr far too much space to play the cross in for the winner.

Cameron Lancaster - 6.5: Brought on for Belmar after 75 minutes. Worked hard to press Pittsburgh's back line. Probably should have closed down Dover a bit faster on Pittsburgh's equalizer.

Ropapa Mensah - N/A: Brought on for Ríos in the 85th minute. Never got on the ball, and completely lost Ryan James at the back post. It feels harsh to blame a young attacker for a defensive mistake, but it was a frustrating mental lapse from the forward.


Gary Smith - 7.5: Set up his team almost perfectly, completely stifling Pittsburgh's attack for 87 minutes. It's hard to blame him for the individual mistakes at the end, but it's worth noting that all three of his subs played roles in Pittsburgh's goals. Overall, it was a great tactical set up from Smith, and the switch to a 3-5-2 was a fantastic adjustment.

After seven matches, here's how Nashville SC's squad has performed. Agree or disagree with our assessment? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.

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