Speedway Soccer Joins 104.5 The Zone’s Podcast Network

We’ve got some exciting news that we’ve been sitting on for a bit, but we’re ready to *officially* release it. We’ve joined the podcast network at 104.5 The Zone!

What does this mean for people who already listen and read? Well really not a ton. We’ll still be the same independent voice that we’ve been from the start. 

What does it mean for us as a team? It simply gives us a bigger platform to do what we set out to do when starting the pod. We wanted to grow the conversation around the game in a way that newcomers and old soccer fans alike would enjoy. This new relationship allows us to do that more than ever before.

We’ve been grateful for the relationship with 104.5 over the last year, particularly the Midday 180 for allowing us time to fairly discuss the stadium saga, and the front office hires, and we look forward to hearing more soccer discussed on Nashville’s number one sports station. 

Last, I want to truly thank everyone who listens and reads for tuning in. Agree with our takes or disagree (cough ANDY cough), you’re always an engaged audience and are the only reason we do this. 

So from everyone at Speedway, seriously...thanks. We’ll get back to work now.

Davey Shepherd 

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