To Nashville SC Fans

I can't believe I have to write something like this one game into the USL season, yet here we are.

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind for the Boys in Gold, with announcements of a new crest and new(ish) coach for Major League Soccer, as well as Nashville SC picking up their first three points of the season and being unbeaten for the first time in their USL history. You'd think the fan base would be giddy about these new developments and the direction the club is heading in.

Au contraire, my friends.

Now, I've already stated that the crest isn't my favorite, but I do think it will grow on me depending on how it looks on our jerseys next year (and the reverse color scheme is amazing), but I'm not racing online to absolutely bash and destroy it, unlike some of our keyboard warrior fan base.

I've also publicly stated some concerns about Gary Smith at times when the club went on a slump during the late parts of last season, but in the end he still got a first-year USL club to the playoffs and took the top seed in the Eastern Conference to a shootout.

So during this week, I've jotted some things down that I feel need to be said to the Nashville SC fan base.

  • The club isn't going to change their crest no matter how many petitions you put out on the internet or how much you gripe online.

  • To follow up on that, some of you need to stop with the fan-made crests. Some of them look like they were designed on Windows 95 Paint.

  • To everyone who complained about the Gary Smith hire, I ask you: who would you hire? Zinedine Zidane or Arsene Wenger (I wish) aren't walking through that door, so save your unrealistic expectations for your FIFA Ultimate Team.

  • The club doesn't owe you anything. They certainly appreciate your time and commitment, but there's still this weird mentality going on that the club is run by the fans. It's not. Let's drop that attitude.

  • Meme courtesy of my colleague, Ben Wright.

The lazy river idea is dumb. Let's put that to rest.

  • I keep seeing folks upset about how Nashville SC played against Loudoun, yet THEY STILL PICKED UP THREE POINTS. It's the first game of the year, and maybe it's a sign that this team can find ways to win even if they aren't playing their best. It certainly doesn't hurt that there are now two true strikers up top.

  • Please don't believe everything you read online (I know that's a bit contradicting since you're reading this online, but there are some really asinine opinions about Nashville SC out there at times.)

  • It's ok to be emotional for this team, but don't let your emotions get the best of you and let results ruin your outlook on life (being an Arsenal fan, I've had plenty of practice for this.)

  • I'm sure many of you who read this are also members of the Nashville Predators Facebook Group. Please don't start ending up like them. I lose more brain cells scrolling through their feed than I do on a night on Broadway.

  • ENJOY THIS SEASON! Look, it's the last hoorah in the USL, and it could possibly be the last time Nashville SC could be the top of the food chain in a league until it gets its footing in Major League Soccer. Of course it's ok to have high expectations, but no matter what happens this season, be it USL cup triumph or playoff disappointment, MLS is still on the horizon. Sing songs, cheer on the players, and bring energy. But remember: there could be a greater prize in the next few years.


This article is an opinion piece. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of Speedway Soccer as a whole.

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